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Artists: Eugenio D'Melon

Artist Statement

I work on every piece with a specific objective. Every picture is considered an independent discourse driven by the metaphor to inter-textual tools. I participate in the game but I do not belong to any team. I do not respect tendencies; as in Politics, I prefer diversity. Each tendency leads to its own sclerosis. Every day life drives me where I should go. I use everything that I need to express what I wish according to my possibilities. Humour, eroticism, social critique, poetry and drama. Like everyone I have suffered personal tragedies but, I consider them inferior to social tragedies. I have fun and I am happy while working and when I cannot find fun I stop to avoid producing something banal. As the writer Vargas Llosa said, reality is badly done, and I like to do things well. All the matrices were hand done. There has been no intervention by the photographic camera or any other digital resources

Eugenio DíMelon was born in Havana City, Cuba in1954. He attended the San Alejandro National Academy of Fine Arts where he received a BFA. Further studies led to the MFA from the Higher Institute of Arts of Cuba and to postgraduate studies in Life Drawing, Literary Critique, Spanish and Literature. Since 1975 has taught Drawing, Painting, Printmaking and History of Art.

Eugenio díMelon has participated in more than 100 exhibitions around the world. He is a Member of the National Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba and the co-founder of Person Project, a pedagogical arts integration association. He has worked as art critic and illustrator for different newspapers and magazines in Cuba, Bulgaria, Brazil and Jamaica.

Has has received several awards: in Cuba the Mirtha Cerra Award in Visual Arts and the National Honor for Pedagogical Labor Curriculum; in Japan, the Tama Art University Museum Award; in France he received the Parchemin d'Honneur.Triennial Mondiale De líEstampe and he has received bronze medals in Jamaica at JCDC National Fine Art Exhibitions. He is also the recipient of the Caribbean Hall of Fame Awards For excellence 2009, in recognition of his outstanding contribution and achievement in the field of Visual Arts.

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