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Artists: Charles Campbell

Artist Statement

My practice has been primarily concerned with mapping and questioning the relationship between meaning and image, particularly as they relate to my personal and cultural background. Art is both a tool to examine my understanding of the world and to transcend it.

The iconography in my current work can generally be broken down into a few recurrent motifs: Historical images, slave ships, Mandalas, the ocean and flocks of birds... These appear in different forms – patterns on the flat pictorial space of the canvas, intersecting motifs on three dimensional objects and more recently actions in the real world by way of performance. Each manifestation carries with it different notion of time and space and together they attempt to pull at the bonds between meaning, image and understanding.

The intention is to create new possibilities out of the historically 'given', to inject non-linear notions of time into our linear understanding of where we came from and in some cases to "infect the present with the hopes and aspirations of a different future."


Charles Campbell has exhibited widely in North America, the Caribbean, and Europe, representing Jamaica in events such as the Havana Biennial and the Brooklyn Museum’s Infinite Islands exhibition. He is an active participant in the growing Caribbean contemporary arts scene as both an artist and a writer and is a regular contributor to ARC Magazine, a Caribbean arts journal.

His recent work investigates the nature of time and concepts of the future using sculpture, performance and painting. He holds an MA in Fine Art from Goldsmiths College and currently lives and works in Canada.


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